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Welcome to NJ Sales Tax Consultants, LLC

We are a boutique CPA tax firm founded and managed by a former NJ Division of Taxation Auditor (28 years service) and specialize in New Jersey Sales & Use Taxes, as well as New Jersey Division of Taxation Field (business) Audits.

Our primary services include:

  • Sales & Use Tax Refunds
  • Audit Representation & Defense
  • Tax Controversy
  • Reverse Auditing
  • Compliance Review (sales and use tax)
  • Consulting (all sales and use tax issues)

The clients we serve cross all industries and vary in size from small sole proprietorships to large Fortune 1000 corporations. Increasingly, our clients include CPA accounting firms who recognize the need for expert sales tax and/or use tax services, especially tax audit support.

The mission at NJ Sales Tax Consultants is to minimize our client's financial exposure (relating to audit assessments and compliance costs) while simultaneously maximizing all of the available and potential financial incentives & recoveries from both a historical basis (tax refunds) as well as a prospective basis (future tax savings).

While always acting as our client's advocate, NJ Sales Tax Consultants promises that if given the opportunity, all services shall be performed not only in a timely, accurate and efficient manner, but also that our firm will provide its best efforts to make a difference! Should you have any questions or would like to know how NJ Sales Tax Consultants can be of added value to your business, then kindly contact us for a confidential no-obligation consultation.

CPE Seminars Coming In Early 2010

  • Tax Audit Seminar: The program will discuss and explain all aspects of a Field Audit (business audit) as conducted by the NJ Division of Taxation. However, the primary focus shall be on NJ sales & use tax. The seminar's instructor is a former Auditor from the New Jersey Division of Taxation.

  • Additional Topics: TBA

Click here for more information on CPE Seminars.

NJ Division of Taxation: Tax Audits

If your business has recently received an Audit Letter from the NJ Division of Taxation, or if your company is currently undergoing a Field Audit, then it's highly recommended that you immediately seek professional advice with respect to exactly how you should proceed.

NJ Sales Tax Consultants specializes in tax audit representation and defense for all Division taxes under audit.

Click here to learn more about our Audit Representation & Defense services.

NJ Div of Taxation: Sales Tax Refunds

Due to the fact that New Jersey's sales tax statutes and regulations are extremely complex and ever changing, your company may have made numerous, and possibly when aggregated, significant sales and/or use tax overpayments for which your business may be entitled to a tax refund.

NJ Sales Tax Consultants specializes in sales tax refunds & use tax refunds and conducts performance-based reverse auditing services designed to recapture its client's tax overpayments.

Click here to learn more about our Sales Tax Refund services.

Pharma - BioTech - HiTech - Manuf
Financial Incentives

New Jersey offers numerous and potentially significant financial incentives to businesses within certain key industries. Corporations that invest heavily in R & D and/or manufacturing are prime candidates to take full advantage of these available tax credits and exemptions. However, often times these opportunities are either overlooked and/or underutilized.

NJ Sales Tax Consultants specializes in these types of financial incentives and conducts either project-based or performance-based reviews to maximize all of the incentives available to its clients. Performance-based services are conducted with no direct costs to our clients and with virtually no administrative burden.

Click here to learn more about our pharmaceutical and other industry Financial Incentive services.

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